Wareninspektion - Commodity Inspection

Wareninspektion - Commodity Inspection

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Hi, I would like share a content about commodity inspection that is used in construction process of industrial equipment. This content will be usefull for all mechanical and material engineers.

This article provides you with information about the activities of inspection companies. The buyers in the industrial field widely use the services of the inspection companies. When the buyers submitted their purchase order to their vendors, they also designate an inspection body to supervise the construction activities in the vendor shops.The Europe is very industrialized region and world most well-known vendors and manufacturers are in this region. The Inspection sometimes is mandatory by importer country regulation. For example commodities exported from Europe and other countries to the Saudi Arabia and Kuwait need specific inspection, and certificate for custom clearance.Some countries have mandatory regulation in the opening of the letter of credit conditions. They require the inspection certificate to be in the list of document that is in the clause 46.A. In this case these governments mandate the related specified goods in the letter of credit to be inspected before shipment. The inspection certificate must be issued by third party inspection agency and delivered to the Seller's bank.So if equipment purchased through a letter of credit and the buyer is in the regulated country, then equipment manufacturer needs to deliver certificate of inspection to its bank alongside of its invoice and other shipping documents.

It is the buyer that defines and determines the inspection scope for TPI commodity inspection agency (more detail is on http://www.inspection-for-industry.com/commodity_inspection.html) . Some of them only request from inspection company to make inspection visit for final inspection or pre-shipment inspection and some other order for more detail scope such as witnessing some of important tests. In this condition the buyer is ordering shop inspection and pre-shipment inspection together.The inspection will be done by inspection company's inspector in different stage of construction. The inspector also supervises quality control system of the manufacturer. When all in process inspections and tests completed then a Pre-Shipment Inspection will be executed by inspection company.The buyer will deliver its inspection and test plan to the manufacturer. The manufacturer must inform the third party inspection company to join manufacturer quality control team for execution of the specified inspection and test.

There are several inspection companies in Europe with more than 150 years old. Most of them have branch offices, representative offices and joint venture companies in other countries. Some of these inspection companies are specialized in vendor inspection and less involved in pre-shipment inspection, some others cover both.

The inspection companies' inspectors are mix some are agencies' full time employees and some others are freelancers. The best practice is that the agencies use both of them. The employing freelancers are not bad practice as inspection projects have very variation. It is not possible for inspection agencies to hire lots of full time employees and provide them enough jobs. So some parts of these jobs in these companies are done by freelancers.

I will be so happy to answer to your questions
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