OLX classifieds website is SCAM

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OLX classifieds website is SCAM

Beitragvon EugeneHip » Fr 9. Okt 2015, 17:20

Yesterday I wanted to buy used mobile phones lagos on olx.
I found a Blackberry phone and contacted the seller, he is asked to make an advance payment, and I did. Then he disappeared.
I have written in support of the OLX and said about scam but they said that I blame myself, how do I get my money back?
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Re: OLX classifieds website is SCAM

Beitragvon rene.zielke » Mo 12. Okt 2015, 10:28

Not quite the tight topic for "dates & deadlines" (Termine und Fristen).
Sorry to hear, but I am curios: why is this your first post in a german engineering board?

I guess you are not here from germany, while using a site with a .ng domain. So i can't tell you anything about your local rights in this topic.

best regards,
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